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PACS medical desks

Ergo Terrace height adjustable desk for multiple monitors

You don't adjust to the Ergo Terrace it adjusts to you!  Push a button and the motorized desk surface quickly electrically adjusts from sit to stand.  Multiple monitors can mount on the desktop.  Optional adjustable desk section allows the proper height difference between monitors that set on the desktop and the keyboard.  If you are using LCD a

Ergo Solo height adjustable corner desk for up to 8 monitors

This sit to stand desk also works great as a multiple monitor corner desk.  Designed to meet the unique needs of the task intensive users.  Use as a video editing desk, 911 dispatch desk, cad desk or security desk.

Ergo Mesa height adjustable desk with multiple monitors

 You don't adjust to the Ergo Mesa it adjusts to you!  The desk surface quickly electrically adjusts from sit to stand and can lift up to 550lbs.  Shown with optional multiple monitors mounts, can mount up to 12 on the desktop.

Ergo Duet height adjustable edit desk with rack mount space

A height adjustable desk designed for the job pays dividends in your health, comfort, and efficiency.

92 Twin Bridge dual monitor desk

The twin bridge is a desk that will hold 2 large dual monitors in the middle. The small monitor bridges on each side give rackmount versatility and can serve as monitor or speaker stands. You get a 92" multiple monitor desk that can hold your audio or video equipment. A good video editing desk or audio editing desk with a deep center section for a mixer or video gear.

Vanguard Fixed Height Desks with Monitor Track

Vanguard Workstation 72 Desk

Our Vanguard desks with the monitor track system are very a versatile way to make the most of your space. Attach the accessories you want, exactly where you want them. Easily and quickly reconfigure your desk. Perfect setup for multiple monitor desks. We have configured these desks to mount large flat screens and multiple monitors at the same time. With the monitor track you have a universal mount for almost any accessory you can imagine. With the optional 4ru turret you can add desktop rackmount space and use it as a speaker stand or monitor shelf.


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